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  Layout and  design problems  are  important in many industries, as they involve the
  optimal use of raw material.    Problems of optimal arrangement of 2D pieces to be
  cut from an initial piece of stock material are called nesting problems. This problem
  finds   wide   application   in   the textile manufacturing, leather cutting,    and glass
  industries,   where   material   is   costly   and   scrap   must   be   minimized.   The 2
  dimensional   cutting   stock problem is a classic combinatorial optimization problem
  in   which   a   number   of   parts   of   various   dimensions   must   be cut   from a 2
  dimensional material.    Computational results are provided that increase the ability
  of the algorithm based approach to decrease the amount of scrap generated in the
  production process.

  A solution to this problem takes the form of a cutting tree.    This is a tree for which
  each node  represents  one guillotinable   cut,   where each branch is a  cutting line.
  The 2d sheet is cutting in lines, with each line producing the cuts for one level of the
  tree.   The depth of the tree   is  therefore  limited   to the   number of cuttings lines
  (x-line, y-line and z-line)     so our cutting tree can have no more than 3 levels. Only
  guillotine cuts are   permitted   means that the cuts must go from   one edge of a 2d
  sheet to the opposite edge in a straight line.   This  constraint   is    crucial,   because
  mostly of the cutting machines can only carry out these cuts.  It is assumed that the
  sheet rectangle is and every part fits at least in one orientation.   The first cuts that
  have to be made are the x-cuts  and go directly from one point of the longer side of
  the sheet  to   the  opposite side.   They divide the sheet in sections.  The secondary
  cuts are the   y-cuts   and the   z-cuts   which divide the sections in subsections. The
  y-cuts and z-cuts are also guillotine cuts.

  Application Program   Optimize   Cutting   Software    is designed for optimization of
  2D materials   and   can be   used   in wood,   metal,   glass,   and   plastic industries.
  The   program is written in language   which   allows   considerable quality
  increasing   and   shortens time for nesting plans preparation.   Automatic cutting is
  carried out    taking into consideration technological and organizational parameters
  of production.   Variable parameter allows setting the glass offcut value - the space
  between the x-line and the z-line. The calculation software consists of determining
  where to position   the glass parts.    The program places the parts in a   top-down,
  left-to-right manner and by using    recursion   searches to   find the optimal layout.
  This software is especially    created   for getting perfect layouts in glass industries.
  AP-OCS   works   just   fine with    or without automated cutting equipment.   It is a
  handy tool for glass cutters.  The online software is based on high-speed algorithm
  that enables getting   perfect layout with minimal   waste.    This web site   offers a
  tool for solving   the   problem of   optimal cutting of glass sheets   into   rectangular
  parts. It can be used for optimizing the cutting performed by the guillotine method.
  The program algorithms   ensure the   lowest glass waste and reduction of time for
  designing of cutting plans.

  Due to its sophisticated, recursive algorithm, AP-OCS finds the optimal design plan
  with the best   yield   of   glass and it consistently delivers   the best   cutting   area.
  Using AP-OCS the costs of cutting can be sensible reduced. First the user can save
  time as he can obtain the optimal yield in one   minute.   As a second benefit he will
  have the   best   cutting plan with less   waste of   unused glass and best of all,  the
  program is   easy   to   learn.

  AP-OCS    software is used   to   generate optimal layouts  and   reduced scrap  for
  glass cutting processes. The nesting   technology is based   on algorithms designed
  to optimize   area utilization.      AP-OCS provides one of the easiest way to reduce
  the scrap generated by any 2d cutting process.      Once you define the cutting job,
  this   nesting software require just   a mouse click   to calculate all the parts on the
  sheet.     It's a software   to maximize   the utilization of 2d material by generating
  the most optimal nested layouts. It help in cutting down waste in stocks, time, and
  labor. It determines the number of sheets to order in advance.   It shows whether
  a different sheet size will save you money.    2d nesting optimizer may   be used to
  optimize any rectangular area, as  well as be applied to any other 2d panel cutting
  or area   optimization problem.      AP-OCS minimize   area waste   by a factor of 2.
  Program run time is about   5 to 50   seconds depending on the number of parts.

  This program define 3 types of cutting lines
  * X-line along the Y-axis
  * Y-line along the X-axis
  * Z-line along the Y-axis
  The distance between the X-line and the Z-line is the offcut value.
  It must be zero or greater then offcut value.
  The next figure show the way of calculation of this program.

1 X-Line
1 Y-Line
NO Z-Lines
1 X-Line
2 Y-Lines
1 Z-Line
1 X-Line
2 Y-Lines
2 Z-Lines
1 Z-Line
1 Z-Line                  
1 Z-Line         
                     C                                    D                  E                s

 The height of A = the height of B
 The height of C = the height of D = the height of E

  Data for optimization can be imported from Excel csv file format.
  Every layout created can be exported to the Excel csv file format,
  which is a commonly used interchange format between popular
  software packages.

  To view the total number of sheets you must login as registered user,
  or become one. If you are a non registered user you can view
  75% of the sheets.

You need not to install this
program on your computer,
You need only a
computer and a browser.

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